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JamesAR22AR .22 Carbine matches provide a tactical format for semi automatic rifles using .22LR rimfire ammunition.  Using barricades and walls to simulate combat conditions, you'll engage a variety of targets including cardboard USPSA/IDPA targerts, static steel plates and clay pidgeons.

Competitors may also register online at Practiscore.com and at the Club before the match.

Match Dates

Matches are held every third Saturday morning, starting at 9:30 am.  Click on the Practiscore link above to see the current matches scheduled or see our Calendar on the main page.  It is recommended you arrive approximately half an hour before the start time, so you can register, get your Range Officer assignment, and assist with setup, if needed.  Matches last about three hours and are held in the North Action Bays.

 DPC 18oct14 Patrice stage2Additional InformationBoth members and non-members are welcome to shoot in AR .22LR matches.  However, non-members are restricted to participating in the match and will not be allowed to shoot before or after the match, unless accompanied by a member in good standing.

There are typically 4 or 5 stages with a total of 125-150 rounds.  Any magazine fed .22LR semi auto rifle can be used.   Any kind of magazine can be used, including extended and drums.  Rifles must remain in their cases until instructed by a range officer to remove it.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Match Rules

Here are the match rules and scoring for the AR 22 matches.


  • Magazine fed semi-auto .22LR rifle or legal SBR. 
  • No magazine capacity limit.  Drums can also be used.  Coupled magazines can be used.
  • Slings can be attached but rifles cannot be carried with sling.  Guns still need to be bagged unless on the line under the direction of an R.O.
  • Two divisions:  Iron Sights or Optics.  Optics are Red Dots or Magnified, no distinction.
Scoring and shooting rules
  • Time Plus scoring.  This means your score is the time it takes to shoot the course of fire, plus any penalties.
  • Using standard USPSA Metric or Classic Targets
  • Scoring for unlimited stages:  best 2 hits on target scored, 8 points needed to neutralize.  A=5, B/C = 4, D=3.
  • Scoring for limited stages:  Time plus points down.  No FTNs awarded.  No MISS penalties awarded.  Strictly points down.  A=0, B/C=1, D=2.  Points are seconds added to time.
  • Standard perforation rules apply.  If it breaks the perf it counts.
  • If a "Failure" drill is required, and it is limited, any head box hit counts, and points down are scored.  i.e. if you have a "4", you have a 1 point penalty.
  • If a "Failure" drill is required and NOT limited, any head box hit counts (A/B).
  • If there is steel in the stage, it either requires 2 hits (on static unless otherwise stated in COF), or has to fall for the mini-steel figures.
  • A single hit on a target, or not enough points with two hits is a FTN which is a 5 Sec Penalty.
  • A complete miss of a target (you engaged it but have no hits) is a MISS which is a 10 Sec Penalty.
  • If you fail to engage a target, that is a procedural which is a 5 Sec Penalty.  This will be stacked with the MISS penalty (total penalty 15 sec).
  • Hits on Non-Threats are a 10 Sec Penalty for each hit.
  • Pass-throughs count for both Shoot and Non-Threats.
  • Procedurals are for example (not all inclusive):  Failing to engage while moving if required, not having at least half your body behind cover when engaging, engaging targets out of order at a barricade or tactical priority, firing too many rounds on a limited stage, etc.
  • Reloads can occur anywhere in the course of fire.  Magazines can be dropped with rounds in them.  They do not have to be retained.  You do not have to be behind cover to reload.
  • If the course of fire requires a reload, you must reload from your belt or person (not the table).  If you are using coupled magazines, you must switch to other mag.
  • All starts (unless a table start is specified) are from the Low Ready, loaded, and safety engaged.
  • Safety should be engaged until you are on target.  Finger should be straight on rifle when moving and NOT engaging targets.  Safety does not have to be engaged while moving as long as finger is straight.


  • Shooters are allowed one ammunition related alibi per match.  Due to the non-stellar performance of .22LR factory ammo, we allow one AMMUNITION related alibi as an excuse for a reshoot.
  • An example of an ammunition failure is a failure to extract, case stuck, won't come out racking bolt, etc.  You can call one for a type 1 where the case is sticking out, but these typically can be cleared with a tap-rack-flip clearance. 
  • No alibis for equipment failure non-ammunition related.  i.e.  Battery dies on optic, forgot to load your magazine, didn't seat your magazine properly, etc.
Match Results


Match results are posted on Practiscore under Dallas Pistol Club

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