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IMG 1302Personal Protection matches puts the competition in motion and give you a taste of what a self-defense situation might feel like.  Many stages are dynamic (who stands still in a gun fight?) so come dressed to move.  Static stages may include firing behind cover or from unusual positions.

Competitors may also register online at Practiscore.com and at the Club before the match.

Match Dates

Matches are held the 2nd Saturday of every month, starting at 9:30 am.  Click on the Practiscore link above to access the Dallas Pistol Club page to see the upcoming matches or see our Calendar on the main page.  It is recommended you arrive approximately half an hour before the start time, so you can register and get your Range Officer assignment.  Matches are held in the North Action Bays. 

Match ParticipationIMG 1345

Both members and non-members are welcome to shoot in Personal Protection matches.  However, non-members are restricted to participating in the match and will not be allowed to shoot before or after the match, unless accompanied by a member in good standing.

Match Rules (Provisional 2017)

Here are the match rules and scoring for the Personal Protection matches.


  • Divisions:  Double-Stack, Single-Stack, Revolver, Carry Optics (Not Open Guns - Race Guns, etc.).  Factory Ported guns from Glock and S&W etc are allowed in any division.
  • Two times a year we have "BUG" (Back Up Gun) matches (JAN/JUL).  The divisions for these matches are:  Compact, Sub-Compact, Pocket-Semi and Pocket-Revolver.  You are encouraged to shoot a BUG gun, but you can shoot the regular divisions also.  Stages are designed around 5 round COF with reloads (10 Rounds total typically).
  • We also have a "Single-Stack" friendly match in August.  Stages designed around 8 round COF, with reloads to have 16 round COF.
  • Holsters:  Any DPC legal "Carry" style holster is allowed in this match.  NOT USPSA Race Gear (Inner/Outer Belt, offset/adjustable mag holders, Ghost style holsters not allowed).  Drop and Offset only allowed for ladies.  The idea is that this is a "Concealed Carry" match, what you carry regularly.  Not competition gear.
  • Magazine:  Magazines may be loaded fully for this match.  Magazine carriers are to be positioned behind the hip-bone.
  • Capacity:  You may not load magazines to different capacities to take advantage of COF and reloads.  (i.e.) you may not load to 8 on one stage and 9 on another, or 10 on one stage and 11 on another.  You MAY start with magazine capacity plus one in the chamber (mag + 1).  You must start in the same condition for each stage unless the stage COF requires downloading.
  • Concealment garments are required unless specifically stated in the course description or if waived by the MD due to hot summer months.
Scoring and shooting rules
  • Time Plus scoring.  This means your score is the time it takes to shoot the course of fire, plus any penalties.
  • Using standard USPSA Metric or Classic Targets
  • Scoring for unlimited stages:  best 2 hits on target scored, 8 points needed to neutralize.  A=5, B/C = 4, D=3.
  • Scoring for limited stages:  Time plus points down.  No FTNs awarded.  No MISS penalties awarded.  Strictly points down.  A=0, B/C=1, D=2.  Points are seconds added to time.
  • Standard perforation rules apply.  If it breaks the perf it counts.
  • If a "Failure" drill is required, and it is limited, any head box hit counts, and points down are scored.  i.e. if you have a "4", you have a 1 point penalty.
  • If a "Failure" drill is required and NOT limited, any head box hit counts (A/B).
  • If there is steel in the stage, it either requires 2 hits (on static unless otherwise stated in COF).
  • A single hit on a target, or not enough points with two hits is a FTN which is a 5 Sec Penalty.
  • A complete miss of a target (you engaged it but have no hits) is a MISS which is a 10 Sec Penalty.
  • If you fail to engage a target, that is a procedural which is a 5 Sec Penalty.  This will be stacked with the MISS penalty (total penalty 15 sec).
  • Hits on Non-Threats are a 10 Sec Penalty for each hit.
  • Pass-throughs count for both Shoot and Non-Threats.
  • Procedurals are for example (not all inclusive):  Failing to engage while moving if required, not having at least half your body behind cover when engaging, engaging targets out of order at a barricade or tactical priority, firing too many rounds on a limited stage, dropping a magazine with rounds in it, etc.
  • Reloads can occur anywhere in the course of fire as long as you are behind cover for the reload or you are shooting on the move.  You do not have to retain dropped magazines and you can drop magazines with ammo in them with no penalty.  (This is a new rule standardized across all action pistol matches).
  • If the course of fire requires a reload, you must reload from your belt, waist or pocket (not the table).
  • All starts (unless a table start is specified) are from the ready position.  This is defined as either hands relaxed at sides, or at the compressed high ready without hands cupping concealement garment.
  • Start condition of firearm is dependent on action.  For SA/DA guns, you must decock the gun to DA for the start, OR if your gun can be "cocked and locked", you can start in that condition as long as you use that condition for all stages.  For SA guns, they must be "cocked and locked".  Safeties do not have to be engaged for striker fired pistols even if they have a safety.
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Match Results

Scores will be posted on Practiscore under "Dallas Pistol Club".

 Archived Scores from 2016 and before.

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