Real Steel

realsteelplates 640xReal Steel matches test your speed and accuracy with a handgun, using stell targets at 10 to 25 yards.  This setup challenges the shooter with start and stop plates along with option plates.  It is here that shooters shoot the Texas Star and the rotating plate rack. 

At each of at least five stages, competitors will shoot the stage 5 times.  The slowest time on each stage is dropped, and competitors are ranked within their ability classification.

Competitors may also register online at and at the Club before the match.

Match Dates

Matches are held the 4th Sunday of every month, starting at 9:30 am.  Click on the Practiscore link above or see the Calendar on the main page to see the upcoming match schedule.  It is recommended you arrive approximately half an hour before the start time, so you can register and get your Range Officer assignment.  Matches last about four hours and are held in the North Action and Silhouette Bays.

RSplates 640xAdditional InformationBoth members and non-members are welcome to shoot in Real Steel matches.  However, non-members are restricted to participating in the match and will not be allowed to shoot before or after the match, unless accompanied by a member in good standing.

Competitors shoot from within a box, ensuring everyone is the same distance from the targets. The starting position is pistol holstered, except for the novice class, which starts at the low ready position. Only DPC approved holsters for competition are allowed.

Each stage is a minimum of 25 shots, so it is recommended that you bring at least 200 rounds of ammunition and 3 magazines.  Bringing 6 magazines allows you to shoot the course without reloading and still have an extra magazine available if needed.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Match Results

Scores will be posted on Practiscore under "Dallas Pistol Club".

Archived Scores:

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