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tacshotgun1Tactical Shotgun matches usually consist of 4-5 stages (60-75 rounds required), primarily utilizing steel targets shot with birdshot.  Tactical aspects are addressed, such as, but not limited to: shoot/don't shoot and "hostage" targets, use of cover and concealment, reloading and weak side shooting techniques.  We also usually have at least one stage, such as a "plate rack" that is primarily speed shooting oriented.  Most matches will require some limited use of slug ammo (5 rounds or less).  Slugs are always shot at/against cardboard targets for safety, usually employing a mix of "bad guys, bystanders and cover".  This is a "game" that will provide a challenge for all.

Competitors may also register online at Practiscore.com and at the Club before the match.

Match Dates

Matches are held the 2nd Sunday of every other month, starting at 9:00 am.  Click on the Practiscore link above or check the Calendar on the main page to see the current schedule.  It is recommended you arrive approximately half an hour before the start time, so you can register and get your Range Officer assignment.  Matches are held in the North Action Bays.

tacshotgun2Additional Information

Both members and non-members are welcome to shoot in Tactical Shotgun matches.  However, non-members are restricted to participating in the match and will not be allowed to shoot before or after the match, unless accompanied by a member in good standing.

The majority of the match will be shot on steel plate targets.  We require that you use LEAD SHOT (6 shot or smaller preferred).  No steel or other "waterfowl" shot will be permitted, due to ricochet danger.  We recommend that you bring about 100 rounds with you, depending on your skill level.

Some stages will require reloads.  Stuffing ammo in a pants pocket will work, but it is uncomfortable.  Vests with loops or big pockets or some type of belt style ammo carriers are encouraged.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Match Results

tacshotgun3Scores will be posted on Practiscore under "Dallas Pistol Club".

Archived Scores:

xlsxShotgun 110815 11.14 KB
pdfShotgun 110815 34.63 KB 
pdfShotgun 101115 17.72 KB
pdfShotgun 091315 16.06 KB
pdfShotgun 080915 20.68 KB
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