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Welcome to Dallas Pistol Club

The Dallas Pistol Club is a private outdoor shooting facility located in the North Dallas suburb of Carrollton. Facilities include 25, 50, and 100 yard ranges, five bays for action pistol events, and an indoor airgun range. The clubhouse is air conditioned and has snack and beverage vending. Indoor restrooms with hot and cold running water are available.


NorthBaysAccess is limited by a computer controlled automatic gate, unless the range is open for competitions or meetings. Hours are from sunrise to sunset.

We hold competition matches for shotgun, bullseye pistol,action, and Olympic-style Air Pistol/Rifle. Please see the calendar for scheduled matches and the Competition page for descriptions.

One of the two Safe Areas is pictured above. This one is located in front of the Bullseye range. The other is across the road next to the Restrooms. DPC is a 'cold range' which means that loaded firearms are not allowed to be worn or carried. If you arrive at the range wearing a loaded firearm, please use the Safe Area to disarm. If you will be wearing a holster for a match, either prepare in the Safe Area or leave the firearm bagged until an RO directs you to holster. Trunks are not acceptable safe areas.