The Dallas Pistol Club is a private outdoor shooting facility located in the North Dallas suburb of Carrollton. Facilities include 25, 50, and 100 yard ranges, and seven bays for action pistol, shotgun and AR Style .22LR Carbine events.  The clubhouse is air conditioned and has limited snack and beverage vending. Air conditioned indoor restrooms with hot and cold running water are available.



Access is limited by a computer controlled automatic gate, unless the range is open for competitions or meetings. Hours are from sunrise to sunset.

We hold competition matches for shotgun, bullseye pistol, action pistol, and Olympic-style Air Pistol/Rifle. Please see the calendar for scheduled matches and the Competition page for descriptions.

We are now using Practiscore for all matches and scores are available here: 2020 scores use club DPC and for 2019 and older scores use club Dallas Pistol Club on PractiScore Match Results site.

You may view the  DPC Range Rules here.


One of the two Safe Areas is pictured here. This one is located in front of the Bullseye range. The other is across from the clubhouse in front of the restrooms.

DPC is a 'cold range' which means that loaded firearms are not allowed to be worn or carried. If you arrive at the range wearing a loaded firearm, please use the Safe Area to disarm.

If you will be wearing a holster for a match, either prepare in a Safe Area or leave the firearm bagged/boxed until an RSO directs you to unbag/unbox and holster up on the firing line. *VEHICLE TRUNKS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE SAFE AREAS!

Remember, Safety Comes First!


Gate issue…

The gate is acting up...again! Reminder: If the gate starts to open and then stops, just reenter your code on the keypad and it should open. You can log in to the website to view the Gate Operations page for more info.

DPC Forums_

Did you know that DPC has several discussion Forums for members to conduct group discussions? Click HERE for more info.

Rifle Usage @ DPC

If you have a rifle that uses ANY caliber ammunition other than .22LR,  IT IS NOT PERMISSIBLE TO SHOOT IT AT DPC!

Use of ANY rifle ammo OTHER than .22LR at DPC puts your Club Membership in peril.

QUESTIONS? Email to: board@dallaspistolclub.com

Electronic Waivers

DPC uses Electronic waivers exclusively. There are several methods to complete an Electronic Waiver for a guest.

Click here for more info

**USE OF 5.56/223, 5.7×28 CALIBER & .22 HORNET ROUNDS


Click Here to see related document for approved cartridges.

Attention DPC Members:

If you are a member of DPC and are NOT registered for the Members Only secure side of the website and logged into it, you may be be missing important information in the Notices and Latest Range News crawlers. To gain access to the Members Only area, email to: website@dallaspistolclub.com to request registration information.

Send any comments, corrections or suggestions

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Pre-register for upcoming matches on PractiScore.com

You can pre-register for upcoming matches on Practiscore under our club: DPC

Match Scores are posted on Practiscore

Match Scores are all posted on Practiscore under our Club ID DPC and also Dallas Pistol Club for older match info.

Membership News!

DPC Memberships are available. Please see the Membership page for more information about registering to become a member.

Latest Range News

2023 Annual Membership Dues

The Dallas Pistol Club (DPC) Membership Committee announces the nearing time for Annual Membership Dues to be paid for 2023. Click HERE for more info. *Note: You must be a DPC member and LOGIN to the secure website for the link to work or you will be sent to the public membership info page general information..

DPC 2023 Board Election Results

Click HERE for the results of the 6Dec2022 DPC 2023 Board of Directors Annual Election.

*Note: You must be a DPC member and LOGIN to the secure website for the link to work.

2022 National Junior Olympic Gold!

Pictured front and center of our webpage is Mehr Chandra. Please join the Dallas Pistol Club Board of Directors in congratulating Mehr who is a member of Team Shooting Stars, an affiliate club based at DPC for achieving a Gold Medal in the Women under 15 group at the 2022 National Junior Olympic Championships! Coach Dave Shaller (pictured to her left) stated that her scores were even higher than many of the older competitors. Please click on the following link to read more... https://usashooting.org/pistol-athletes-earn-national-junior-olympian-titles/